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Found a Difficult Section? Well Done!

Now Learning Begins...

We so often shy away from the difficult. It is uncomfortable, painful, frustrating. When we play music we can play, it makes us happy. When we find pieces we can play, we pat ourselves on the back “I can actually play this, I am this good”. We measure ourselves against the pieces we play.

Then we hit a difficult part. Suddenly we are faced with being unable to do something. We measure ourselves against this and say, “I can’t play this, I must be bad”. We feel bad.

Instead we should feel excited. We improve if we can overcome difficulty and so each difficulty we face becomes an opportunity to become a better musician. Difficulty is an opportunity to learn and improve. If we stay safe and easy we don’t improve, we stagnate. Of course, too much difficulty can be detrimental too, it can be tiring or boring if faced too often.

Next time you face a difficult section, congratulate yourself. Get excited about overcoming this obstacle and becoming a better musician, because once the hard work has been done, you will be a better musician!

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