• Sandra Howe

One Instrument you Haven't Considered Learning

There is one instrument that we don’t often talk about during a lesson. No, not piano, guitar or saxophone.

Practise and you Study "You"

The instrument I mean is “us”; our bodies. From the moment we are born we are learning how to use our body and mind to survive. All our experiences of the world are processed by our brains – we experience the world through our brain. When we learn an instrument, we are also experiencing this through our brain.

We are all unique, and the way we experience the world, the way we learn is also unique. When we learn an instrument, we have to gain control over our body, mind and emotions in ways we had not done before.

Often obstacles we face when we learn an instrument are either physical, mental or emotional and by improving our ability we also improve these aspects of ourselves. We improve as people.

When you practise, you are not just learning piano or saxophone or guitar. You are also learning about yourself and there is as much internal work to be done as external.

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