• Sandra Howe

Difficult + Repetition = Easy

When we begin to learn an instrument, one of the first things we realize is how many hurdles there are to overcome.

Difficult + Repetition = Easy

To simply play the first line, chord progression or scale, clean, in time and consistently, requires a great amount of practice.

It’s important to recognize areas where mistakes regularly happen and to look and ask yourself, why and what could you do differently.

- Is it your speed? (Play slow and deliberate)

- Technique? (Adjust and monitor)

Often it is beneficial to play a difficult section, be it chord changes or a phrase repeatedly, slowly, paying particular attention to the notes and fingering. It is important to use the same fingers each time to develop the muscle memory and to aim to play without looking at your hands.

Most importantly, difficult sections need to be repeated until it can not only be played consistently, but it can be played with ease. Often, we move on to different sections too quickly, not achieving that ease, and not playing at ease leaving ourselves in a position which isn’t ideal. Instead devote extra time to this task and practice until it feels easy.

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