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Buying the Right Guitar

Updated: May 12, 2019

Buying a guitar is so easy today with greater access to shops online. One thing that often gets overlooked is the guitars size, shape, feel and tone. You need to pick the right guitar for your individual needs. It must, not only suit you physically, but it must also suit your playing style and ability.

With today’s high street music shops slowly becoming a thing of the past, it is easier to make the commitment to buying a guitar online, purely from what you see or from what someone else says about it in a review.

It is often said ‘you don’t choose the guitar, it chooses you’. It is important to realize when you try out different ones, you will soon begin to know that they all have a different feel, tone or weight. Simply put, you instinctively find the one that feels good and the one that’s not so good. Maybe it doesn’t sit comfortably, it’s too bulky or heavy or the neck is too wide or narrow or the action is too high or low.

These are just a few points you will encounter when looking for your next pride and joy. When you play several different instruments, you broaden your knowledge of what feels right and why.

Most guitar shops should be able to advise you on what size guitar is best for you. Children will need a smaller size guitar and will need to get measured up. Some guitars can have the strings high off the fingerboard which can feel uncomfortable for beginners. This is called the ‘action’ and is the distance between the string and the fingerboard. This can be adjusted for playability and is something to keep in mind when choosing your guitar.

Trying different guitars before you purchase one is a great way to help ensure you purchase an instrument that you can comfortably play and enjoy whilst progressing your skills.

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