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6 Reason Why I Love Teaching You!

Here are 6 reasons why I love teaching my students. Here’s to you!

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1. I get to share in your musical journey

I love music. It’s that simple. Being able to share in someone else’s musical journey is amazing to me. I only wish that my students could see what I see. Each week you grow and change and sometimes these changes are so miraculous that I am speechless. You Rock!

2. You cheer me up

Hey, life isn’t always great, but teaching makes it so. There isn’t a day of teaching that goes by where I haven’t laughed.

3. I learn too

When I teach my students I am also teaching myself. There have been more than a few occasions when I have realized I was not only giving advice to my student but giving that same much needed advice to myself too.

4. You teach my students

Believe it or not, there is a synchronicity among my students – if one of my students has a problem another student pops up to solve it. It is such a fun event to witness as I teach mainly one-to-one this sort of learning is completely unknown to my students, I just act as the facilitator in awe!

5. I get to listen

It is a lot of fun hearing my students play. They may be apprehensive about the “performance” after it being built up all week, but I can assure you it is always fantastic.

6. I hear your compositions

Are compositions the best thing, or what?! And my students play their first creations to me. It is a privilege to hear and even better that they choose to play their creations to me of all people. Thank you!

All fantastic reasons why I’m a teacher!

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