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The Secret to Solving that Age-Old Question: Am I Good Enough?

How many times during your practice have you questioned whether you were good enough? Perhaps you faced a new challenge and faced the need to ask the question. Maybe a challenge you have tackled for quite some time triggered the question.

Worrying about whether you measure up wastes valuable practice time

It’s took me a long time to realize that the question doesn’t have an answer. Even acclaimed professionals ask this question. No one can really answer it. And if it does get answered at some point, maybe an exam is passed, or a competition won that provides assurance for a little while, the question inevitably pops up again at some point.

Our thought process while we practice is the problem. “Am I good enough?”, seems like a question – but in actuality it’s an answer to another question. That question is “Why can’t I…?”. In our minds if we already doubt our ability, if we already lack faith in ourselves when we hit a problem we cry “Why?”. But if we have belief in ourselves the question we have, when we hit a problem, is quite different. Instead we ask: “How can I…?”.

When we ask “Why?” we only really have one option: “I’m not good enough”. If we’re optimistic, maybe we’ll think: “I haven’t practised enough”. But at some point, the latter will change to the former.

When we ask “How?” something magical happens. We start to look for solutions and a whole world opens up. Inevitably you will find solutions wherever they are because you are open to them.

For me, I no longer choose the “why” questions – I cannot answer them, nor do they serve me. I choose “how” (it’s my name, you know!) and I teach my students to choose “how” in every lesson even if they don’t realize it.

Next time you find that question comes up for you choose “how” and find the solution to get to where you want to be – then there is no question of whether you are good enough. You are.

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