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Shh! 5 Ways to Encourage Practice Without Saying the “P” Word

You would love your child to practise more but you don’t want to keep on at them, turning it into a battle of wills, so what do you do?

Here are five ways you can encourage your child to practice without even asking them.


1. Listen to Music

A great way to get children excited about their instrument is to get excited about it yourself. Listen to music which prominently features your child’s chosen instrument. Find something you enjoy and share it with your child. Make it a special moment for the two of you.

2. Watch YouTube Videos with them

Search for talented performers of your child’s chosen instrument. Try to avoid performers which are around the same age as your child as often this can make them feel inadequate. Instead choose adult performers that inspire you and your child. You can search for pieces they are currently learning and see them performed in full.

3. Ask to Listen

Ask your child if you can listen to them play. Let them show you what they have learnt and tell them how much you enjoyed listening to them. Sometimes they will be nervous or forget what they have learnt, be patient with them and encouraging.

4. Take them to Concerts

As a special treat, take them to a concert featuring their chosen instrument, if you can. Even if this is only a school concert it will be an evening to inspire them!

5. Schedule informal Performances At your home schedule informal performances for your family and friends. Your child could write a program or make tickets. Birthdays, anniversaries or holidays are perfect occasions to schedule a family concert.

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