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How to Memorize Scales in Every Key

Learning scales was not easy for me. I found them frustrating and difficult to memorize. Even with lots of practice I was just not getting it and I often felt I was missing a piece of the puzzle. I would quiz my teachers on the theory behind scales and was often left with unanswered questions, more confused than I was before.

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With the knowledge that I wanted to teach someday, I had to get to the bottom of what scales were about and I had to find a systematic way of memorizing them, so I could not only understand them, but I would be able to teach them from a place of understanding. I began a journey of studying scales and slowly developed a system of memorizing the scales in a musical way. I linked scales together in multiple ways, so they formed a network in my mind and I could remember them easily. For the first time, I was actually excited about scales! Suddenly, they made musical sense and I was able to connect scales to music, understanding the theory behind them.

I’ve been teaching scales to my students in this way for many years; it differs from the traditional way of learning scales through exams, but I feel it has so many benefits for students. In an effort to share this system with as many as I can, I have compiled it into a book with step by step exercises to memorizing all the major and minor scales. Entitled “Piano Elements – Learn Scales: Memorize all Keys Easily” available on Amazon. Take a look at a preview of the book by clicking "look inside".

If you have already purchased this book and you have any questions, please contact me on my Twitter or Facebook page, or alternatively you can use this convenient contact form.

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