• Sandra Howe

Big Changes Ahead...

As you may have noticed, I have taken a short hiatus from blog writing due to undergoing an operation. Now I'm on the mend I can concentrate on doing what I love most... teaching! Hopefully I will be back to blog writing soon.

Part of my recovery has been to get rid of that which makes me sad. Unnecessary administration is one of those things and we have made our sign up process much easier and our payment and cancellation process easier. This not only benefits me, but also our students. Big plus! I get to concentrate on delivering rewarding music lessons!

I've also written a music workbook which will be announced later with a blog post and video (eek). Yes, I'm finally going to show my face, which, I'm sure will be a humorous event! And I plan on writing a few more books too, so please join me for that.

I hope to be back to writing interesting blog posts (and perhaps videos!) and I look forward to you joining me then. Have a super day and weekend!


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