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Thinking of Starting Music Lessons? Get Your Free Info Pack (all 4 of them)

The first video has finally been released check it out here, or on youtube.

We have just release a free info pack video series, available to view here.

There are four videos each dealing with the following subjects:

  • The Benefits

  • Lesson Content

  • Parent’s Role

  • Adult Students

Info Pack for music lessons

Each video is only 3 - 5 minutes long, perfect for those short on time. ‘The Benefits’ video covers the benefits of taking 1-to-1 instrumental music lessons. In the ‘Lesson Content’ video you will find out what we actually do within a lesson and what you can expect when learning with us. ‘Parent’s Role’ gives advice on how to support your child through music lessons and ‘Adult Students’ gives tips to adults who are starting out.

The series would benefit anyone who is starting out, not just those who wish to take lessons with us. Each video has bullet points, an easy way to remember the main aspects. If you enjoy the series, please subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular updates.

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