• Sandra Howe

Spring into Music!

We have finally found a venue to provide a regular concert for our students. We faced several challenges in securing a suitable venue, thankfully we have overcome most obstacles.

We all face stresses and challenges within our lives. Children are put under increasing pressure with exams and tests to perform at a certain level. Adult students have the pressure of meeting their own expectations and the perceived expectations of our society.

It is important for this concert to be free from that type of expectation. It’s not an exam, or an assessment. It is simply a way for students to get together and share the music they have been learning or creating, no matter what their level.

As the audience, we take on the role of supporters, encouragers and even learners as we begin to understand what it means to learn, engage and take part in music activities at all levels.

I hope that we can all come together as teachers, parents and students of all ages, for a lovely afternoon of music!

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