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Do Robots get Performance Anxiety?

The planning for the spring concert is well underway and we have some budding musicians who will be performing their pieces. It will be exciting time for us all and will give everyone a chance to see a live performance, be it as a performer, or part of the audience.

Robots playing music at Howe Music Tuition

It is also an opportunity to take for any performer to learn from, as sharing your music with others can be a time that requires other skills and elements that are often overlooked. Here are some tips to help prepare you for any performance.

  1. Be prepared. Play pieces of music you have already learnt and know well. Practice them until you know them inside out. Strengthening your memory is essential and you can do this by playing, listening and studying the notation.

  2. Play to anyone who will listen. Your parents, your neighbours, your spouse or your pet budgie. This will help you prepare your nerves as you will be more self-conscious when someone is listening. Relax, take deep breaths and slow everything down.

  3. Record yourself. As soon as you press record there is a sense of pressure to not make a mistake. Compose yourself with a deep breath, relax and play. This should become a habit every time you feel this sense of pressure.

  4. Talk to friends and family. Talking about how you feel can often half the intensity of it and people who care about you will reassure you of your competence and your ability and that everything will be absolutely fine.

  5. Remind yourself of why you wanted to learn an instrument and how far you have come since beginning. Every performance is another milestone in your musical journey and another chance to step-up and share with everyone your new talents and dedication with what is now your musical journey.

It’s important to remember that no performance will ever be perfect. We all make mistakes, that is what it means to be human. If we wanted perfection we would have robots perform music for us instead of people. As humans we have a special ability to communicate through music and that is way more important than perfection. That is why we watch human performers and why we feel good to be a part of it.


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