• Sandra Howe

Student Reports 2019

The time has come for us to complete student music reports for the year. We only provide student reports for parents of children and young people under the age of 18, to provide parents further insight into how their children are doing.

Along with the report, parents will receive a music qualification framework sheet. This will show their current child’s level in relation to graded exams, how graded exams compare with school qualifications and how much they should be practising approx. to complete the current level within a sufficient timeframe.

It is important to remember that the music qualification framework is a guideline only. The age guidelines may not match up if your child started learning later than the framework shows. Their ability maybe lower than expected if they are learning more than one instrument, or have time constraints or learning difficulties. All children, no matter where they are on the framework will be benefitting from their music lessons even if they have learning challenges or have no ambitions to pursue music seriously. The study of music benefits your child in many ways and can have a positive effect on their education regardless of their musical ability.

For those that are pursuing music seriously, the report will be very helpful in terms of gauging where your child currently is, and where they need to be by the time they finish school in addition to providing a helpful practice goal.

The report will give parents details on what their child has been learning throughout the year, what their next goals are and any further insights into their current musical journey. It will also give guidance on any issues they need additional support with or ways in which they can improve.

We believe student reports are an essential part to music lessons as it can bring to light elements of music learning which can go unseen and give parents a chance to celebrate those achievements.

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